What is OYESource Empire?

What is OYESource Empire?

What is OYESource Empire
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From the early days of OYESource in December 2015, the original idea I had was to build a place for students to easily access academic material at no cost, in other for students to excel with distinction. Fast forward to 2019, (about 4 years after) a lot has happened, and now I can say this is what OYESource is all about.

What is OYESource Empire?

OYESource Empire is an innovative union of brands created to be your source to better living with focus on information, education, entertainment and value added products and service.

Example of Successful Brands/Product of OYESource?

From our focused industry: Information, Education, Commerce & Entertainment, we've successfully built brands like:

OYESource Housing,
DCUTalent, OSCEntz,
OSPOT ~ (OYESource Spot),
FuoyeCORE Aspirant Support,
Akada Notebook (Fuoye Notebook),
Watakara among others.

When was OYESource Empire Founded?

OYESource was founded by my humble self : David Oladejo In December, 2015 as a 100L Student of Fuoye with a basic idea to build a platform to host & provide for free; academic materials for Fuoye students and has since executed lots of useful ideas which led to the incorporation of OYESource Empire Enterprises (RC Number: 2901133) in 2019.

Where is OYESource Empire Situated?

She started in Fuoye (Federal University Oye-Ekiti) and at the moment operate in Fuoye community, but as you read this (2019), we're begining execute our plans to grow our presence, products & services to 3 more cities/states in Nigeria: Ekiti, Ibadan & Lagos.

What's Driving OYESource Empire?

We are propelled by the vision to be the world's most resourceful company; empowering people and enriching societies.

OYESource Vision

And that's why …

we make it our mission to create a better everyday life for the world through innovative value-added services and products.

OYESource Mission

What's to be expected from OYESource Empire?

There's quite a lot, but we won't want to raise expectation, but deliver and let our result speak. But for clarity sake. Here are two major Focus:

one: Execute more and strengthen our presence, brand, products and value in Federal University Oye-Ekiti (Fuoye).

two: Execute our projects & ideas that is designed to service the wide audience (Nigeria, Africa & world at large).

So stay with me as I'll love to share the experience and the journey of becoming with you.

Written by
David Oladejo
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