My BIGGEST Lie, What If I Achieve This Goal?

My BIGGEST Lie, What If I Achieve This Goal?

My BIGGEST Lie and Mone Goal

The desire to create “my kind” of future drives me. This Goal appears craz but, it’s possible and I honestly cannot wait to see what can be when achieved.

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The idea of what I can be is one of the things that inspires me daily. Recently, I've been looking for a simple way to have my business all synced into one (1) single goal and double down on it. As we enter the 1st day of new month August and left with 5 months before the year is over I want to pursue the goal, even though it's not entirely new as I've conceived similar goals in the time past but didn't give it 100%.

About 4 weeks ago, I experienced an unfortunate incident which is the craziest I have ever witnessed and it definitely caused a huge set back for me, as in everything about me, my businesses, brands, products, services. I'll talk about the experience later on. But now I'm back on my feet and wanna forge forward with a single minded goal.

The Goal is…

To earn $1,000,000 before December 23rd, 2020.

Crazy right? I know. It's crazy for me too. In fact, it's the BIGGEST lie I've told myself in my entire journey so far.

But there is one thing common with me and my goals/target, I have never stocked to my financial goals and follow it to the letter. This time around I know better and believe I should be able to put in everything required to actually achieve the goal and see what can be.

The desire to create “my kind” of future drives me. And when I achieve this goal, my life situation is going to drastically change, everything will be positively infected, the OYESource Empire vision, love, life, family, religion, community and everything. I'll do my best to achieve this because of what can be.

I know making a Million Dollars is simply providing value worth more than 1 Million Dollars and capture the value back.

It is said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. So…

What is my plan?

Well, I'm clear that I simply have to provide tremendous value worth more than a million dollars either as a product or service and find “x” amount of people willing to purchase the value at “x” amount of dollars. Aside that I don't exactly have a plan, but I'm definitely gonna start with what I have going on already (established businesses).

I have some ideas on ground to implement and to integrate into FlyWox, OYESource and a side secrete project to be launched soon.

Rounding Up

My calendar shows me there's 5 months/21 weeks left before the D-Day. I'll love to do a weekly update about how far I am doing and share the progress report with you. I think this is going to be very exciting and fulfilling.

Let's go add tremendous value.

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David Oladejo
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