Introducing Davidollad Affiliate Program (DOAP) with 3DWeb

Introducing Davidollad Affiliate Program (DOAP) with 3DWeb

DOAP & 3DWeb

You’re about to discover DOAP and 3DWeb. Here I unveiled this 2 amazing products that will put money in your pocket no matter your interest.

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Some weeks back I shared the thought of me putting together an info product and now its here. My journey so far as come with valuable experience, resources and acquired skilled. I have been spending quality time thinking, conceptualizing and working on making my knowledge available to anyone who want to learn.

The idea is this:

I thought, as I journey daily, living my dreams and Building the Business Empire I'll like to make a direct and positive impact with the Davidollad Brand. Help others find meaning and achieve their dreams, and that's perfectly in sync with the vision at OYESource Empire.

That said, I've spent the past 2 weeks working on a Book (to publish soon), but 2 days ago, I got a request via my WhatsApp DM on 3DWeb (like I do get). And then it dawn on me that how many people actually need 3DWeb. And so I re-opened the 3DWeb folder and decide to bring it back and also launch the Affiliate Program I've been building to implement.

The Affiliate Program is something I originally have structured on the OYESource – Online Courses, but we haven't open the eLearning platform publicly yet. It became imperative to first launch the Affiliate Program on my website and so far, with the amount of work and tweaking, understanding that been acquired as I build and launch Davidollad Affiliate Program I'm happy I start the Affiliate Program on the Davidollad brand first.

So let me tell you about 3DWeb and DOAP

What is 3DWeb?


3DWeb is the Web Design Course where I teach you in 3 Days – 18 hours (6hrs/day). How to Build a full functioning website without touching a single line of code and earn money doing so.

What is Davidollad Affiliate Program (DOAP)?

DOAP is an affiliate program I set up to generously rewarded you for selling solutions that actually works, you earn 30% commission on each successful sale you refer to any of my products/service.

Here's a video on how to signup for Davidollad Affiliate Program

How can 3DWeb and DOAP Benefit You?

3DWeb will benefit you if you've ever want to Learn Website Design and or How to Make Money Doing Web Design – 3DWeb is perfectly here for you.

Affiliate Marketing is and will forever be one of the smart, best, easiest way to earn money. But there's not much trusted platform (especially in this part of the world) that has good products and high commission rate. And I trust myself and what I can deliver, so I created DOAP with 30% commission rate (crazy offer)

If you love to make money online by simply referring your audience/friends/contact to buy my product which will be of GREAT value to them DOAP is for you. With 30% comission rate, I sell for 1000, you get 300 if the sale comes through you.

An Affailiate Program is structured to run on OYESource – Online Courses & OSpotr, I believe it'll be perfected right here and implemented there.

I hope you find this valuable. Let me put money in your pocket.

Like I always say, starting anything is easy, continuity/consistently ni koko. That's where life separates the boys from men.

Let's the 3DWeb & DOAP journey begin!

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David Oladejo
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