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Ideas Don’t Come Fully Formed, STBI Path Now Clearer, See How

Ideas Don’t Come Fully Formed, STBI Path Now Clearer, See How

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Ever had an idea and tried to execute? I'm very sure what's currently working for you isn't what you started with.

For real Mark Zuckerbeg was very correct when he said: “Ideas don't come out fully formed, they only become clear as we work on it.”

Honestly, STBI path just got clearer today!

Here's an Hint…

For some couple of weeks now, alongside my partner, I've been working on a project: STBI – Small Tips BIG Income. It was this same project I actually set my previous 7 days goal on, but wasn't achieved.

Looking at it now, there was no way that could be achieved given the circumstances surrounding it. But I'm glad it's all set now.

What's STBI?

Since 2017 we had the idea of teaching people what we know (everything about online business and entrepreneurship), so they can benefit from it. We built the structure, purchased everything necessary, purchased the domain, lauched, but never carried it out.

But the idea was really cherished by me and I actually renewed the domain and co. again hoping to embark on it. Long story short, February this year, we started talking about STBI, about how people who have actually acted on the idea are beginning to make wave, knowing we have all it takes and can do it better.

We eventually relaunched STBI. At the early stage, my partner GK created a course on Mini Importation Business in Nigeria, I was a little far away with the running of OYESource, but my money mess pushed me and I came home to reflect on everything so far with me, OYESource and most importantly, build another stream of income outside the scope of OYESource.

Then we started…

Right now, what we resorted to focus on isn't what we started with. The journey from idea to product is always very interesting to me. I experience this all the time with products/services from OYESource and I know what it really means to have an idea and to execute the idea.

STBI Plan vs STBI Path Now

Phase 1

There's a wealth of knowledge and experience, so we started STBI with the plan to teach in a better way: affiliate marketing, web design/development, blogging, info products, email marketing, and the likes, but… then, we felt something was missing, and I was like, let's Niche further.

Phase 2

Then we decided to focus STBI on the business aspect of the aforementioned categories, we wanted to look at it from an angel of doing affiliate, web and so on as a business online.

Phase 3

Yet, I still felt something was missing, because we have other project aside STBI, I have the whole of OYESource and DavidolladWox, same with my partner, we should niche further, then we looked at it and said, let's focus on entrepreneurship, for example; no need to teach web design and co. but let's teach how to run a web design business everything you need.

Phase 4

Even at this level, we restructured the platform, published some content but ‘mba' deep down, we still didn't feel it's on point yet, then we sat down together and got inspired to focus STBI on Skills and Talent, that is, how to help people convert their skills and Talent into a business online. Instead of teaching affiliate and likes, we'll just train you how to turn your writing, comedy, web, sales flare/skill to a business.

Phase 5 (Final)

Yesterday evening, after lunch, I was going through some platforms online, kinda like a mini-research. And I was like:

Egbon GK, there was an era of blogging, when blogging was the thing, but now Blogging “is not really the thing”, it's one of those thing. What's the trend now? What's the future? What should we possibly focus on, our USP to have an edge?

Online Courses! We've always talked about this, we are teaching online course. In fact that's what I'd re-structured the main to focus on.

The world is gravitating towards learning online, the e-learning industry is growing, how about we teach proven methods and strategies to turn the talent/skills you already posses to a profitable online course?

And that was it! Turning point.

STBI is Now…

Finally, we are very satisfied with this Niche, we wanted something different, a unique message, something different from what's already been said and Online Course it is! And yeah, we added creation of ebooks to it.

Even though we had the STBI platform set up for different format and we've worked on producing/launching contents and products in that line, yesterday, we started quick restructuring, our course platform turned to STBI Academy, previous categories deleted and restructured, though there's more to do but right now a new map to shape how STBI will be built is now in place.

What a breakthrough!

Here's Another Interesting Update

Now there's a sync between the STBI project and the OYESource idea. (OYESource Empire base idea) is built to be an eLearning marketplace, an idea inspired from the education challenge and misconception in the country. When we did the rebirth of OYESource last year (2018) I established OYESource as place for people to acquire skills they need to live their dreams.

With everything happening on OYESource, I decided to pause the e-learning idea, so my team and I can focus on other OYESource projects for now and we'll officially launch OYESource with our upcoming Summit in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

But right now, with everything happening, plus the new path for OYESource, there's a great need to launch OYESource e-learning platform NOW!

What You Can Benefit From This

Successfully entrepreneurship is a combination of a whole lot of factors, it's an art, science, geography, chemistry, biology, math and every other subject subject has its function.

When you have an idea, what ever it is, the best way to successfully carry it out is to start and adjust on the road. There can never be a perfect idea, if there was there wouldn't be need for continuous update on your favourite app.

Just start, and keep fine tunning as you go, life and history as told us this times without number, and it'll be liberating for you to listen and start.

The only way to start is to START

STBI path is now clear, OYESource e-learning Marketplace is coming LIVE, the future looks promising.

Stay tuned as I'll share more interesting update with you, and if you have any question/feedback of any sort, feel free to use the comment section below.

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David Oladejo
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