How Can I Become a Billionaire ($) in 3 Years?

How Can I Become a Billionaire ($) in 3 Years?

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This is the thought that’s running in my head right now. Is it crazy? I said a billionaire, and I’m talking in dollars and It has been done before. In case you don’t know, I’m not born into a billionaire family so no expected inheritance in the next 3 years. The world doesn’t throw a billion […]

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This is the thought that's running in my head right now. Is it crazy? I said a billionaire, and I'm talking in dollars and It has been done before.

In case you don't know, I'm not born into a billionaire family so no expected inheritance in the next 3 years.

The world doesn't throw a billion dollars at a person because the person wants it or works so hard they feel they deserve it. (The world does not care what I want or deserve.) The world gives a person money in exchange for something it perceives to be of equal or greater value: something that transforms an aspect of the culture, reworks a familiar story or introduces a new one, alters the way people think about the category and make use of it in daily life.

But then again billionaires rarely thought of being billionaires. They just focused their passion in the right direction consistently and exponentially and when they became billionaires, stayed in business because that’s where their passion is.

Well I'm going to stop writing now and go online and to some research then couple it with what I already know and share with you.

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So I started with this article on Wikihow, I could only resonate with a little of the points because there was no time frame as to when to achieve the goal, it was more of an open end and a lot of talks on saving, saving and saving, Buy real estate, Invest in business, The major points I can take from there is to: Study Hard, Make smart financial decisions, Know when to get out.

After that I also find the article from Giftcardextension to be intresting:

Which spoke openly like the content above from wikihow and the points heighted there is to 1. Model Other Millionaires 2. Save Money For Investments, Not To Keep It Dormant 3. Make Bigger Goals 4. Save it for the future If you’re saving money 5. Keep Educating Yourself.

This is where it gets interesting

Ajaero Tony Martins published a post on MyTopBusinessIdeas on becoming a billionaire in 10 years, that’s 7 years more than my thinking. But I did got some interesting points from it.

This article from Quora sheds light on begin a billionaire in 5 years

Last but not least of my research from the content above from AllTopStartUps. This author did a great job of breaking it down into steps that are really actionable.

So here are the answers I’m able to compile

“If you want to successfully go up the mountain, ask the man who has gone through it to and fro.” – Zen Master

After understudying the lives of billionaires such as Bill Gates, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, J. Paul Getty and Aliko Dangote; I came to a conclusion that it takes nothing special to become a billionaire. After all, most of the richest people in the world today were school drop out billionaires. To do it, all you need is a dream, a strong will and a fast plan. Once these three things are in place, the journey has commenced.

The fastest ever to get to billionaire status was Jay Walker – founder of Priceline.com, who did this in just 1 year. His way to billionaire-hood – a digital online product.

Some other people who reached fast to billion dollars net worth like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zukerberg (about 4 years) also created digital online solutions (Amazon and Facebook respectively).

Pure tech ideas have made many people billionaire in less than a time span of 10 years. Business which are pure tech (which are completely dependent on Internet) are among the businesses which scale the fastest.
Like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Whatsapp.

What Needs to be done:

  • Hold on to the dream and get my ass up and work for it
  • Develop the billionaire’s mindset
  • Increase your business skills
  • Develop a fast business idea because if you want to become rich in a limited time, your plan must include fast ideas
  • Find a business coach or mentor
  • Start a business (or grow my existing business in my case).
  • Assemble a strong business team
  • Take your company public
  • Invest in other businesses
  • Stick to the process

These are the tips I’ve gathered

Being a billionaire is the consequence of leverage and value. Your goal is not to be a billionaire in 3 years – this is a meaningless goal. Your goal is rather to learn and practice the principles of:

  • Creating something of real value
  • In a large, scalable market
  • That you can create and deliver through leveraging other people’s money and skills.

To summarize it all, I found two legal ways to make enormous money.

  • Creating something innovative and selling. You have to be good at both. It could be anything – writing books, digital solutions, a new product.
  • Investing in something (real estate, stocks, startups), but again you have to be talented at investing and also to be lucky sometimes.

Wealthy people have both of these things working for them. Whatever they get from 1st, they invest in 2nd and it keeps growing for them.

Finally, I like to say this point out this 7 guiding principle:

  • Focus on how I can offer a value worth a billion dollar in 3 years.
  • Need to be creative and create a solution to a problem with an angle that no one else has considered.
  • Need to be prepared to fail so that I can win!
  • Need not force it.
  • Big things comes from little things we do.
  • In life, things don’t just happen.
  • Believing everything is possible!

Talk is good, but action is better, I’ll keep you posted!

What do you ave to add, your comments and contributions are highly welcome.

Written by
David Oladejo
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    • Wow glad you it inspiring.

      I personally compile it up so I can come and re-read myself as I’ll continue to think of it and right now, I’m thinking of answering the question:

      Why do I want to Become a Billionaire in (3) Years?

    • Yes Kings, thought provoking and inspiring. It’s more like an eye opening and guidance.
      Let’s see how it goes

  • Its impossible to make a billion dollar with such a period, you will need to raise a capital before thinking of being a billionaire.. U should have thought of this 10years back

    • Hmm. It’s impossible?

      But the funny thing is that I think it’s possible and I kinda feel like this is the right time think of it, not 10 years ago.

      Thanks for the comment though

  • Leave MessageGood one, as the world migrate to digital and online world, is obvious that There is nothing better than online business when it come to making money faster for becoming a billionaire in few years. It can be working from home, for corporate establishment or whereever u deem fit. The joy aspect of the online business is that most of the online business are without or little investment. Is more of your ability and technical know how. Keep it bro, you are on the path to becoming a Billionaire in few year and trust it won’t be up to three. Learnt a lot here too.

  • I run a business apart from been an artiste, but getting here and seeing another ways of getting your business to the world is really different from the way I usually did mine.. This article really inspire me

  • Nice one there David but I will say this 3 years is too much…Most of we youth can’t wait, we can only do things that delivers with a maximum of months and not years..think about it

    • Oh, but billionaire in three years is not a small thing. But I believe focusing and applying what I found out from my research can make it possible.

  • I think that it’s all well said. 3 years is a long time, with the right preparations and proper planning.

    • Haha 3 years is long time Verity?
      Thanks for increasing the vibe.
      And I just watched an IG video @entrepreneur talking about sole focus on providing equivalent vale not exact the money

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