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Beginning With The End in Mind

Beginning With The End in Mind

Beginning with the End in Mind
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Honestly, that’s one of my strength. Though I don’t always know how, but I’m freaking good at having a vivid picture of where I want to end up with any journey/project. I’m not there yet, still falling and I’m okay with that because failing is part of the process. If there’s anything I’ve learnt: one […]

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Honestly, that's one of my strength.

Though I don't always know how, but I'm freaking good at having a vivid picture of where I want to end up with any journey/project.

I'm not there yet, still falling and I'm okay with that because failing is part of the process. If there's anything I've learnt: one is that I need to fail and fail fast enough so my time for breakthrough/success will come quicker than it should otherwise and come here to stay 🙂 .

What's You Expect From David Oladejo's Blog as I Start Full Time

Since this is a personal blog, I'll love to talk more about topics that interest me, so should you if you're running a (or planning) to start a personal blog, this way, you hardly run out of juice.

Apart from my daily journaling, expect advice, tips, discoveries, tricks, guides, how-tos on:

  1. Entrepreneurship (Web Focus)
  2. Business of Investing
  3. Making Good and Legit Money in Nigeria

You think I like money? Lol, not at all, I believe Money is extremely important in the areas which money matters and extremely unimportant in the areas where it doesn't matter. Now more than ever, people need more ways to make money and overcome recession.

I want to bring a unique angle and share more useful ideas around everything that revolves around Entrepreneurship.

I'm not a guru at all, not even close to “G” but I know I have something upstairs that'll help both your life and life situation. With the knowledge/skills I posses and as I unlearn and learn new things, I'll consistently drop you some useful info…

Right now I have 2 Company I'm growing OYESource and Davidollad simultaneously and I'm also studying Civil Engineering at Fuoye (clause to that CVE me).

My Picture of this Blog in Future

I foresee that when it comes to Business startups, entrepreneur trainings/interviews/guide/resource, investment, personal finance, startup finance, stocks and trades, business proposals, business ideas, online business, Imports and exports, exchange rates, etc David Oladejo blog will be among one of the top 3 website to get the best solution to everything related to the field above (especially as a Nigerian).

Lesson For You Today

When God wanted to create the heavens and the earth, the first thing he did was to proclaim for light: “let there be light”. I strongly believe that He did this so He can see, and be able to create in His Awesome mind the Future of the Heaven and the Galaxy and as you can see today, I think you'll agree that I'm correct.

Therefore, whatever is it that you want to start, and you desire success in that thing, I advice you take enough time and sit down as I've done by myself above and have a clear format of where you want to be.

You don't have to know the how-to, even I don't totally know how to achieve the target above, but I can see it, I therefore can have it. So must you, in order words always begin with the end in mind.

Are You an Aspiring Entrepreneur? Then you should bookmark and subscribe to this blog, there's more to gain than loose.

Let the entrepreneurial journey continue!

I anticipate feedback (question, contributions…) from you in the comment section below.

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David Oladejo
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  • Boss u started before me we have same dream ND I know u won’t hesitate to give me ur prayers

    More grease to dat elbow more ink to dat flourishing pen

    • Lol, I’m still learning and on the journey. We all need prayers, but yes, you have my blessings 🙂

      Thanks for the kind wishes, hope you learnt something from the piece

  • Actually..I’m an entrepreneur..just like you have so many things like your a blogger,marketer, and an entrepreneur. And so,someone who has different things he/she wanna can the person know exactly where he or she wanna have, a clear vision Just like me,for instance, I have so many ideas on entrepreneurship which I wanna bring to life. That I don’t even know where I wanna be in the future. I don’t know if you get.

    • Oh oh. First, you see, addressing the so many things you said I am, I didn’t start out doing the so many, it grew out to become that with time.
      Now to answer your question, to know where you want to be: I will tell you that life is not about finding yourself, its more of creating yourself, if you look at it from this angle, this is your first and only time on earth, it’s not that you’ve been here before so you never existed, there’s nothing to find, but you have every option to create by yourself the kind of life you desire.
      You’re going to have to try your hands on a lot of things, but first pick one idea first and start! There’s so much you need to learn or know, but you can only learn and know by been in the motion, so the first thing to bringing what you want to life is to pick one of the ideas and start with it, and after, live will evolve in front of you and the rest of the unknown future will evolve right in front of you.
      I hope I’ve been able to answer your question and if you need more clarification please feel free to reply this comment

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