I’m Finally Teaching Website Design in Fuoye (3DWeb)

I’m Finally Teaching Website Design in Fuoye (3DWeb)

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Now let me explain how 3DWeb came to be… Adekola Ayomide (FADA) – The Honourable Faculty of Management Science Student Association (FUMSSA) of Fuoye (2019 President) said they have 3 weekend training for the Faculty members.

Web Design & Development is one of the training. And Aro™ suggested I be contacted to take the Web Class.

Basically, I have so much going on (hands are tight) that I may not say yes to a request of me being a Tutor, but luckily I've always wanted to train people for Web (7DWeb – an idea in my mind for ages).

So it's like asking a girl that already like you out, you'll definitely get a YES!

Plus, the OYESource eLearning about to be launched, it's a good thing to get my hands on real life training once again to jog myself live teaching skills.

Rounding up…

So I've agreed to take the Web Class & will be starting from 7th September, 2019.

The calendar is 3 Saturdays @ 6 hours each and that's more than enough to equip you with the knowledge and skills to catapult you to becoming a Pro.

And below is a twist…

The Web training is open to all FUMSSA members that have already registered (before closing)

Now I'm sure there are people like you reading this now who would want to benefit from the training.

Especially the opportunity to learn how to earn money from web design skills(hot in-demand).


Good News!

I've asked the FUMSSA President and I'm good to go ahead, so I'm re-opening the sales of training form to the interested you.

This is an opportunity that comes ones in a long time & thanks to the FUMSSA Excos for bringing this up.

Now you can: Learn Web Design & How to Make Cool/Legit Money with Web Design Skills

The Birth of 3DWeb

What I just explained above has now brought me to tutor a 3 days course where registered students will Learn Website Design & How to Make Money doing Website Design in 3 Days.

It's an 18 hours training to build a full functioning website without touching a single line of code & discover how to earn good money doing so.

Do you have any skill that pays your bill?

David Oladejo

If you're not in charge of your current source of income, it's high time you wise-up and learn something that can fetch you money.

Feel free to ask me any question if you have any.

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