7 Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Learn from Tacha of BBNaija

7 Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Learn from Tacha of BBNaija

Symply Tacha
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Just 2 days ago, Anita Natacha Akide popularly known as Symply Tacha or just Tacha (one of the 2019 semi-finalist BBNaija Housemate) was disqualified on Day 89 from the ongoing 2019 Big Brother Naija and the internet caught fire on the matter.

While everyone is talking about the matter especially on Twitter, I decide to reflect on the event and draw value from it, and so I did, then it dawn on me to share my thoughts with you, at least, you wouldn't just join everyone and rant about the matter but learn a thing or two which will definitely benefit you abundantly.

Lesson #1

Your health and well-being is very important.

At first it was argued, but later, almost everyone in the house was talking about the body odor issue. To be this is not a deadly problem, but should have (and can still) work on it.

Takeaway: I believe every one on earth a one preneur or another, so as an entrepreneur you have to take your health and well-being seriously so you don't have to be embarrassed to the extent that you have to argue to support illness, when something is not right about your health and you're being told. Fix it ASAP!

Lesson #2

Persistence is a major key and it opens door to those who can preserve till the end.

In our journey in life and businesses, it is not uncommon to encounter one or two stumbling blocks that cannot only derail us from our goals but also discourage us from wanting to venture out to try other things.

However, one lesson Simply Tacha of Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate who has been a trending topic is that of patience! Her journey to BBNaija 2019 was not an easy one, and I don't think it is for any of the housemates.

But undeterred, Simply Tacha kept on trying her luck and eventually mother luck shone its beam on her as she became one of the selected housemates of the thousands that auditioned for BBNaija 2019.

Takeaway: Therefore, be persistent! History has never stop showing us how persistent always pay off in the end.

Lesson #3

Don't say you're better than the competition, prove it.

Do you remember what they say about empty barrel? It makes the loudest noise, and that nose is definitely not comfortable to those around the noise area.

Anytime there is an issue, we see Tacha flaring up, shouting and claiming to be this and that, eventually pissing a lot of people off, both in the house and the viewers. Don't be like this.

Takeaway: Spend time working on your craft, business, product or service that you will have no time to prove your wrong right, there's a feeling of ease and confidence that revolve around you when you're (or your product/business) is quality.

Lesson #4

Take and treat customers feedback like your life & business depends on it.

In the early stage, it appears she was hot! Untouchable, indispensable, but feedback stated coming in from fellow housemate and viewers about the not-so-good characters about here, but she wouldn't listen, and she kept on ignoring the warnings.

Little by little fans began to drop, customers turns enemies, maybe she felt like it doesn't matter, well, we can all see that it matters!

Takeaway: Take your customers feedback important and act accordingly because the truth of the matter is your success or failure depends on the experience you deliver to your customers (good/bad).

Lesson #5

Overconfidence is dangerous

You know too much of everything is bad, too much rain or sun will end up being a problem for the plans and no longer nutrient. Of course, there is a twist to it, it's good to over deliver to your client or customer/audience, but when it comes to confidence, I believe there's a tin line between confidence and pride.

Takeaway: So please, have a listening ear, don't take others down with your mouth or in any way because there are boundaries.

Lesson #6

Don't expect result where you didn't labour

The day P'Square Peter promised to give Tacha ₦60 Million if she doesn't win, it seems as though she has won a jackpot, who know maybe the knowledge of that must have contributed to some of the character error in the house?

But look at what's happening now, he claims he never said so.

Takeaway: The best thing you can bank on is yourself, and whatever value you can offer to the world, you should always and only expect result from where you have laboured and not otherwise, men can promise and fail.

Lesson #7

No matter how wrong you have gone, there is always second chance.

Everyday above the ground is a good day! No matter how may time you have failed, if you can read this, it means you're alive and you have the greatest gift of all – LIVE and to me that settles it all.

All you need to do is to sit down and take time to reflect on what went wrong and what you can do better without regretting the past, you can't do anything about the past, but you have the future to create anything you please and desire in your own image.


I hope you've been able to draw value from the Symply Tacha and BBNaija noise flying around in the country, if you haven't, please do so now, the organizers of BBNaija are making their millions by giving us topics to discuss & debate. Why not perfect your craft, business/ product/service and create a movement that I can also blog about in the future (winks).

There you go! Do you agree or disagree with any of point above or do you have a fresh point to add? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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David Oladejo
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  • No matter anything in life everyone have one or two things in there life’s that he/ she is battling with. I don’t say she is perfect ,because nobody is perfect .people just uploading her pic which is not done.I just love the way she was.
    Stop posting nonsense about her ,if you have any to give her to stop it u call her or message her Ok.

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