My Thoughts after Watching ENDGAME by Marvel Cinematic Universe

My Thoughts after Watching ENDGAME by Marvel Cinematic Universe

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For the Avengers Endgame to amaze over $2.5 Billion revenue across the world in just about a month of the release, I'm sure you'll agree with me that Marvel Cinematic Universe has created something, something of value from just a movie.

So this afternoon I decided to take a break from work and watch the Avengers ENDGAME by Marvel Cinematic Universes (MCU). And all through the moment I spent watching the movie, I couldn't help but to scream at the amount of creativity that's been put into the production of the movie. For most part, I was screaming and jumping like a baby.

Why? I was seeing more than just watching a movie

I bow my head in respect to MCU for the outstanding brilliance. Of course I understand its been a long while, they've been working on a lot of comic series for many years now and while I was wacthing and enjoying the movie, somewhere in my subconscious, I was dismantling the process of shooting, editing and producing the Avengers Endgame. MCU really did great!

Honestly, I learnt a lot from this movie and as much as I feel overwhelm, I can't get myself to put it down to writing right now (cause I need to take my bath and head out now). But I just wanted to make sure I put out this today, so I may look back at it someday and quickly remember the experience and the things I learnt.

What You Can Benefit From This

Life is very easy to live and to thrive, the rules are set out straight right in front of you. What ever you want, you can have, you just have to desire it, dream about it, be dogged and work at it.

You see challenges and problems always come, they come to everyone, I'm currently having some serious challenges as at the time I wrote this content (May 31st, 2019). Challenge is part of the journey. You just have to hold on and keep winning milestone after milestone and sooner, it's gonna make sense and hopefully, you get to be able to live your live the fullest and set a legacy.

You Only Live Once, so Make it Count!

David Oladejo

Please let's both make this one life count, and create our own Universe that someone will blog and make a movie about sometime in the future.

In the mean time, I need to create a SourceTeam

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