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Finally Davidollad Documentation Begins

Finally, my Documentation Begins, See Video

I've been ranting that I'll love to document my journey more. Just yesterday I told you about the first step I took which is to open a Youtube channel to host my videos and today, I'm a step forward as I successful uploaded an introductory video I...

41 Productive Things You Can Do During School Holidays

Exams are over and school’s out. Maybe you're forced to stay at home cause there is strike (or COVID-19). I’m convinced millions of students in Nigeria and around the world think to themselves, “Now what am I going to do with all this free time?”...

$1 Dollar now equals ₦182.16

1 Dollar Now Equals 182.16 Naira, True or False?

Could this be true? $1 Dollar now equals ₦182.16 (Naira) So we where just returning home from school and my friend alerted me about the drop in dollar from the initial ₦358 I checked on Google (as at 8:38pm) and discovered it is true. But I then sat...

7DWeb Curriculum

See The 7DWeb Curriculum

Finally! it's here, so now that we are starting the 7DWeb Course officially, it's high time to reveal the 7DWeb Curriculum so you'll know what you're getting into. Please note that registration for the ongoing 7DWeb has closed last night. Asking...

About 7 Days to Learn Web Design (7DWeb)

The way this 7DWeb came to be is both funny and interesting, very quickly Information want to give you the insight of how I came about the 7DWeb. So I just entered Ikole from Oye Campus at my school (Fuoye) and I was hungry, I can't get myself to...

60 Days to Earn 1 Million Naira

Its November 1, 2017 and 60 days before the year is over and I think it's sweet of me to say that, “60 Days Challenge to Earn 1 million naira” I agree I'm a fumbler and have failed at many goals I set, but I don't give up, and you know...

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David Oladejo

I'm an entrepreneur documenting my life journey to being The Blessing to Nigeria & the world at large. Founder of OSource Empire - a Tech Company with a Twist plus I run an entertainment biz: OSCEntz | I'm here to show you through my own experiments exactly how it works (for me & certainly you).

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